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You know the story. Two girls with a shared love of food and wine meet at grad school, become best friends, realize they are travel soul mates, also realize they're pretty phenomenal at putting together spectacular trips on frugal budgets, and then decide to offer their services to the world 

(you're welcome). 

After scratching off our first-tier bucket list in less than a decade, getting our #moneysworth in great food and alcohol, and being humbled by the lessons the world has to offer, we want to give others the opportunity to experience every corner of the globe to the fullest.  

Our Services

Whether you're looking for plane tickets, accommodations, excursions,or the whole package, we have you covered! Simply contact us, respond to our questions to help us build a completely customized travel experience, and we'll do all the planning for you for a flat fee. If you like, we'll complete the bookings for you as well for an additional fee.  

We will plan the best experience to fit your needs and desires, whether you want to get the most bang for your budget or want to go Pinkies Up and splurge on the finer things your destination has to offer. We can accommodate the foodie or the adventure tourist. We can also assist with planning vacations for those with mobility concerns, because nothing should hold you back from exploring the world. 

You'll also find tips and tricks to getting the most out of your travel experience in our blog and newsletter, peppered with our own special flavor, of course. Join us in this never-ending journey of global discovery!

Meet the Team



  • 30+ countries in the passport
  • French is her main game but can order drinks in any language
  • The unexpected security enforcer
  • Adrenaline seeker 



  • 20+ countries in the passport
  • Studied the Japanese language and Asian history
  • Will spend all the money on a culinary experience
  • Huge fan of Vietnamese boathouse dance parties and New Zealand seesaws 
  • Likes long walks on the beach (wait, this isn't a dating profile...)

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